Special political and decolonization committee

This committee was initially bifurcated into two separate committees : the Decolonization committee and the Special political committee. The committee consists of all 193 member states , all with the intention of helping previously colonized developing countries decrease their dependency on their former colonizers The aim of the committee is to help more countries become independent , self -

Today, when rapid advances are constantly being made in the field of communications and information technology, the right to data privacy remains a pressing concern. Social media has created a forum for individuals to share their private information with the public. This has blurred the lines between private and shared information.

Privacy is stated as a universal human right, but the debate lies in what can and cannot be surveilled. One of the crucial aspects of this debate is to define what exactly the right to privacy means, when it applies, and how to differentiate the types of surveillance. It is imperative to understand that the right to privacy is a matter of balancing the scales of safety and privacy.

Therefore, the agenda for the discourse in the upcoming session of SPECPOL is: "Reconciling the right to data privacy with global security."

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