United Nations Economic and Social Council

This committee is the United Nations central platform for reflection, debate , and innovative thinking on sustainable development .It is the principal body for coordination , policy review , policy dialogue and recommendations on economic , social , and environmental issues , as well as for implementation of the internationally agreed development goals.

Venezuela, a Latin American country of 31 million, has lately been embroiled in protests and riots. The current government led by Nicolas Maduro has proven itself inept and prone to epic proportions of mismanagement, resulting in a shortage of basic amenities, sky-rocketing inflation, unemployment etc., which in turn have led to widespread public outcry.

Sudan envisioned a peaceful transition of power from the dictatorship to civilian rule when its long-term dictator Hassan al-Bashir was thrown away by the military. But the Transitional Military Council, which took to power, unleashed heavy atrocities on its people scrapping any negotiations or agreements with the opposing protestors.

Trapped in the grip of a massive humanitarian crisis, these third world countries, demand a closer look to be taken at the ramifications of the unrest and turmoil on the daily lives of its citizens. The deteriorating situation calls for an urgent deliberation to look for a possible solution to put an end to the existing crisis.

Hence, the agenda for the discourse in the upcoming session of the ECOSOC is: "Social and economic repercussions in conflict-stricken areas with special emphasis on Venezuela and Sudan."

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