Model United Nations, Model UN, or MUN is an academic simulation of the United Nations. The prime focus of MUN conferences remains inculcating in the participants, problem-solving skill for tackling global issues, hence augmenting their knowledge of the crisis and problems the world faces today. Students, here, learn to debate, persuade, negotiate their ideas and views in fun-filled and well-organised way abiding by the 'Rules of Procedures' set by the United Nations. They also learn the art of diplomacy and statecraft. Over a million students and thousands of schools participate in and organise MUN conferences or youth parliaments because they practically try to reinforce what students learn in the classroom.

Right from our inception in 2012, we, at IITBHU MUN, have consistently tried to push the envelope and be a confluence of intellect and oration. The present edition of the conference will take you to an expedition of intense debating and discussions on the most pressing global issues. Our conference aims to sensitise the youth towards the pertinent issues surrounding them and give them the perfect platform to get aware of their roles as concerned individuals in the society, to make them pause and think of the solutions to solve the fundamental issues of global importance. The seven committees essay to attract participants from all field of interests, and we hope that this time, we will take this MUN to unprecedented heights, providing you with the best quintessential experience possible.

The three days spent here will not only add to your MUN competence and personal skills but will also offer you an opportunity to explore the great city of Varanasi. After a hectic day of debating and sessions of committee proceedings, the city awaits to drench you in its mood of 'Benarsipan', and help you let go of all your head-ache and exhaustion of the day. The city offers you a potpourri of wonders to experience and etch in your memory and extravaganza of food to relish. Let yourself gorge on typical Benarsi delicacies, ranging from traditional namkeens to variety of sweets, and end your eating spree with a glass of lassi followed by a mouth- refreshing Benarsi paan. In the end, the soothing lap of the Ganges, the ghats are the perfect place to have a moment of tranquillity and experience the true essence of this holy city. Also, not to mention that all of your fellow delegates would finally be found here, rocking to the rhythm of the river and relaxing, thus presenting you with a chance to strike up a conversation and forge bonds and friendships that will last a lifetime.

Being put together by a resolute team of students, we strive for a healthy and interactive conference organised in a highly planned manner for all the delegates. We also endeavour to bring aboard the finest of the speakers who could induce constructive political deliberation. With meticulously curated agendas, eventually, today, we are proud to be one among the top 10 MUN's across the country. With our dedicated effort, we certainly believe that we will continue our remarkable legacy and make the 8th edition of our MUN another milestone in our journey.

So, Rise, Speak and Resolve by joining us at this conference where diplomacy and tact meet professionalism, that is IITBHU Model United Nations. Pick up the gauntlet this September and get ready to rub shoulders with some of the best in the MUN fraternity.

The pulpit is almost set, just the gavel needs to be struck!