All India Political Parties Meet

Basically, an All India Political Parties Meet is a meeting called before a session of Parliament in order to decide its agenda and ensure smooth functioning. It is a consensus building body where representatives of different parties form a mutual understanding on the agenda in order to ensure minimal time wastage in the Parliament. Generally, it is for this reason that the agendas kept in AIPPM simulation are divisive and controversial.

Democracy, at its heart, is about changes and reforms. Reforms that benefit the greatest assets of the democratic setup—indeed, the citizens of the country. Electoral reforms refer to the developmental changes in the election process of a country that facilitate effective democratic rule, clean politics, deserving members in legislative houses, equality of representation and so on.

One Nation-One election holds special emphasis because of its current popularity and the potential it has in changing the Indian democratic landscape vastly. By virtue of this agenda, we introduce a platform to deliberate over reforms introduced in the system by which the Government itself comes to power.

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